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Epilator to remove facial hairs, even small fine hairs. Without wax you can remove facial hairs including the root. Facial hair stays away for a long time and once returning the hairs are much softer and thinner. Not so painful as waxing, and no more skin irritation!

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Epilator made of impregmented steel, used to epilate facial hairs. You don't have to use any wax or extra tools, just the epilator itself will do the trick. Hairs and roots will be removed without damaging or irritating the skin. Especially for hairs on the cheeks and/or around the lips. Even hairs 0,5 mm length can be removed, so you can keep your face hairless all the time. Based on the principle of removing hairs with a string.

The epilator is very small, so you can take it along on your holidays as well!



Take the beginning and end of the epilator in your pointing finger and thumd, make a bow with the epilator (U-shaped, but the turned upside down) and put the epilator against the skin to be epilated. Move the epilator between thumbs and pointing fingers (roll the epilator). The hairs are catched into the epilator and pulled out with root including.



The more often you use it, the less you feel it. If you use the epilator on a weekly basis, it doesn't hurt at all anymore. If you're not used to the feeling, make your skin warm before epilating (with a hot towel), and cool your skin after epilating. This way you will reduce any feelings of pain.


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