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Black plastic Unity Cosmetics display-box, including a plastic white back. You can fill this display-box with Unity Cosmetics inlays at your choice. PLEASE NOTE: if you buy two filled half inlays, or four filled quarter inlays, or one filled half inlay plus two filled quarter inlays, we'll include this black display-box plus back FOR FREE.

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Black display box, 33 cm wide and 40 cm deep, including a back. PLEASE NOTE: If you order filled inlays that all together fill up one display-box, you'll get this black displaybox for free, back included.

The box is made of black plastic, 3mm thick, and the Unity Cosmetics logo is printed on the front.

The box is connectable; every box contains a small screw that can be used to connect the box to another box (without having to use any tools). You can easily add displayboxes at any time, enlarging the display.

The back is made of white acryl, 3 mm thick. The back contains the Unity Cosmetics logo and the Dutch words 'Parfumvrij' (fragrancefree) and 'Parabeenvrij' (parabenfree). If you prefer to have these words in another language, please contact us to check the possibilities! By pushing the back into a small opening at the back of the displaybox, the displaybox has a glamourous look and feel and products will look great.

Because of the black & white shades of the displaybox/inlays and the expandable size, this display will fit every room. Put it on a counter, or show it on a table or shelf when boxes are connected.

You can mix and match the box with inlays. Every box is able to contain four quarter inlays (each 16 cm wide and 20 cm deep), or two half inlays (32 cm wide and 20 cm deep), or one half inlay and two quarter inlays.

You can buy the inlays with fillings (shades at your choice) included, or without fillings.

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