RENTAL-Display: Display with 4 inlays at choice, to rent, Unity Cosmetics


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You can rent a display for a period of 1 month max: a black displaybox filled with empty (!) inlays at your choice. And if you return the box and inlays undamaged and without traces of being used, you'll get a voucher with a value worth 50 euro (tax included) to be used in our shop. Suggestion: mail us upfront to check if the inlays of your choice are currently still available for rentals.

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Shipping within max 1 workday!

€ 100,00 tax incl.

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If you need a Unity Cosmetics display on a temporary basis, this might be the perfect solution: For a max of 1 month you can rent a display. The display consists of a black box, a topcard, plus inlays at your choice (4x a quarter inlay, 2x a half inlay, or 1x a half inlay plus 2x a quarter inlay).

The price for a rental display is based on the display without products. Size of the display is 30 cm wide and 40 cm deep, it is made of luxuruous acryl.

If you return the displaybox and inlays within 1 month and without traces of use  and undamaged, you'll get a shopping voucher with a value of 50 euro (tax included), to be used in our shop. The voucher will be valid for 1 year. 

Displayboxes/inlays not returned within 1 month, will in general not be accepted afterwards by us. If you know upfront that you'll need the display for a period of more than 1 month, please mail us to see what we can offer. 

The inlays are printed with productname and price. But if you want us to, we can deliver a transparant strip that you can stick on the inlay. In the transparant strip you can put a piece of white paper (in the same shape) with a productname and price of your own. The transparant strip needs to be returned within 1 month as well.

PLEASE NOTE: If you return the displaybox and/or inlays with traces of use or with damage, we can not give you a voucher! Make sure you wrap the displaybox and inlays carefully before shipping, because if damage occurs during the shipping process the voucher can not be given!

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