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EAN 13 code, per piece, Unity Cosmetics


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Do you want to have an EAN-13 barcode on a Unity Cosmetics product? It's possible; we print the EANcode of the product of your choice, the EAN code is readable for scanners. Just order the amount of codes you need, and inform us per mail for which products the EAN codes are needed and inform us if we have to put the sticker on the product (in case you order the product at the same time).

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The EAN code is printed on a sticker with format of 3.5 cm wide and 1.2 cm high. The EANcode is an EAN 13 code, very sharp printed and readable for all scanners. Please note, you can not exchange this product and you can only order EAN codes for the Unity Cosmetics products (all product that contain the brand name Unity Cosmetics).

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