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Hypo-allergen mineral fluid foundation on waterbasis. The foundation is contained in an airless pump bottle so air or filth can not get into the bottle. And because of the pump bottle, you can use even the last drop of foundation. Shake before use. Paraben-free and perfume-free. Delivered as Parcel Post.

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Hypoallergen mineral fluid foundation based on water (not oil!). The foundation doesn't clog or 'cake', it's based on water and is very light on the skin.

The foundation is contained in an airless pump bottle. Air or filth can not get into the bottle, very hygienic. And because of the pump bottle, you can use even the last drop of foundation.

Because it's an airless bottle, all remaining airbubbles will have to be removed at first use. This is done by pumping the bottle as long as needed before the foundation comes out (you will feel some 'shocks' in the bottle the first time when you pump it, that's because the pump will vacumise the bottle. You can speed this up by shaking the bottle before use.

You can use the foundation to even the skin of your face/neck, but because of the high pigmentation you can also use the foundation as a camouflage for small spots on your face/neck.



If you want to apply the foundation everywhere on your face/neck, then push the bottle and apply the foundation by using your finger.

If you prefer using the foundation as a camouflage, and you only want to use it on specific spots, then we advise you to use Unity Cosmetics' Foundationbrush; put the Foundationbrush against the bottle, and push it once. Use the Foundationbrush to put small dots on the spots to be camouflaged, and then use the Foundationbrush to spread the foundation. This way you have a very subtle camouflage, and your hands will not get dirty at all.

If you use Unity Cosmetics' anti-aging primer before applying the foundation, your foundation will perfectly attach to your skin all day long!



Aqua, Phenyl trimethicone, Cetyl PEG/PPG dimethicone, Polyglyceryl-2-isostearate, Hexyl laurate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Propylene glycol, Titanium dioxide, Magnesium silicate, Cetyl dimethicone, CI77492, Cera alba, Natrium Chloride, Hydrogenated castor oil, CI77491, Algae extract, CI77499, Diazolidinyl urea.


This foundation contains titanium dioxide, which protects the skin from the negative impact of UV-light. Castor oil and additional sillicons soothen and calm your skin.




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